Analytics for Header Bidding

How is your header bidding performing?

You’ve implemented header bidding. Passbacks are down. Revenue is up. Everyone is happy, right?

How do you know? Are you collecting data on how your header bidding is performing? In the browser? From actual bids and page loads?

Bidalyzer collects data on the performance of ad exchanges directly in the browser and sends that to your existing analytics solution.

You get the insights you need to address the most common problems with header bidding:

  • Latency


    Identify ad exchanges introducing latency in the overall bid process.
  • Missed bids

    Missed Bids

    Ensure that all bids are returning before the auction timeout.
  • Bar chart


    Ensure the best page load performance by optimizing timeouts and ad exchange calls.

We developed Bidalyzer to satisfy the needs of our clients, to measure and understand the performance of their header bidding implementations and ad exchange partners.

Bidalyzer is a lightweight, standalone JavaScript library with no external dependencies, and integrates directly with Google Analytics and other analytics solutions. It works with your own waterfall, daisy-chaining RTB implementation, and custom or standard header bidding solutions, such as Prebid.js.


  • Zero-Configuration: hooks into your existing Google Analytics account automatically.
  • No Latency: fires on or after the Window.onload event.
  • Flexibility: works with most header bidders.


  • Helps to make sure that site changes do not slow down ads.
  • Helps to investigate the cause for sudden changes in ad revenue.
  • Helps to find bidder “offenders” that delay ad appearance the most.

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